We Are Always In God’s Thoughts

An image of a starry night sky with a person standing on a rock in the foreground looking up at the sky.

I was dreaming one night and in one part of the dream a female voice made the above proclamation.  It’s been years since I’ve had that dream, but I remember it so well because for months afterwards every time that I recalled those words I felt compelled to lift my head and proclaim it.  I found this remarkable.  At no other time in my life have I ever had that sense of compulsion (for want of a better word) from anything that I’ve ever heard, much less dreamt.  Beyond that extraordinary effect it was also incredibly heartwarming.

At that time I knew very little of God, but just the thought it warmed my heart. Now that I’ve progressed in my understanding it makes complete sense that it was His plan from the beginning.  I have found God to be very purposeful in what He does, unlike us, who many times act on whims and urges or react to events around us.  So it’s not God creating the world and then coming back later to see what a muck we’ve made of our lives and the world and then coming up with the idea for Christ to set the world straight and redeem us.  No, I imagine it to be more that God had a goal in mind and considered all of the possible permutations and various consequences of reaching that goal and determinining the perfect way to carry it out.  I find it very heartwarming and a confirmation of our faith to know that God had us in mind “from the beginning” and bears us in mind each and every day.

May we all experience the love of God.  God bless!

#creation #salvation

Thank you Greg Rakozy for the public use of this beautiful photo!


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