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And God Said, “Let there be . . .”

and-god-saidSince this is the first week of posting in my blog and it has so much to do with new beginnings I thought it apropos to share the results of my contemplation on the six days of creation in Genesis.  I found this exercise to be incredibly fruitful when I followed some advice and tried to “write it my own words.”  The rewriting process made me scrutinize the text much more closely than I normally would in trying to capture and retain the meaning when rewriting.  I don’t know what it is about writing, but I find that when I write I seem to be much more in tune with the Holy Spirit.  So with this writing technique, the smaller part, and the aid of the Holy Spirit, the larger part, I gained a much greater insight than I think I would have otherwise.

One of those insights was God’s ordering of the universe.  “Ordering” became much more than, say, putting this planet here and that tree there.  “Ordering” became determining what everything was made of, how it would all move, the interaction of each thing with other things, each thing or beings’ capabilities, their limits and their purpose.  It became a thing of determining their very being and “creation” became bringing that order into existence.

It also helped me better understand my faith.  The Catholic Church speaks on order and disorder.  Now that I have a better understanding of order words have a much deeper meaning when I hear them.  With my new understanding God’s ordering of male and female is not just biological and it’s not even just psychological it’s their entire being ordered to the other.

Like I said a very enlightening experience and one that I’m thankful for as it brought me a better appreciation of the awesomeness of God.

May we all grow in our appreciation of the awesomeness of God!  God bless!

#contemplation #creation

The awesome night sky image was taken by Nathan Anderson.

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