This Week on the Blog

Coming Up This Week 10/24 -10/30

Monday 10/24 – How I Became A Christian Part 2: The Mustard Seed Takes Root

In Part 1 you learned about my the few experiences I had with God prior to becoming a Christian.  In the post you’ll find out how God teaches me, through my love of reading,  about His son, our Lord Jesus Christ.  Also, I officially become a Christian!

Wednesday 10/26 – Coming to Terms With God’s Glory: Grace and Mercy

This is the first post in, what I hope becomes, a series of posts regarding stumbling blocks I’ve encountered on my walk with Christ.  In this post I attempt to show how hard it can sometimes be to accept God’s grace and mercy.  I also try to pass on what I’ve learnt from my experience.

Friday 10/28 – To Succeed, Evil Requires Cooperation

I think it’s built into us to hate injustice and lack of charity, just as it is to love justice and charity.  The two can work together as a motivation to overcome injustice, but it can also be used against us and we need to be wary of not playing into the enemies hands.




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