Christian Life

National Week of Repentance 10/30 – 11/6

As Catholic Christians we are called to repent on an individual level and the Church has announced a Holy Year of Mercy which began December 8, 2015 and ends on November 20, 2016.  This implies a church wide call for repentance, but to my knowledge I don’t know that the Church has ever set aside a specific time and called for repentance on a national scale because that nation has turned away from God.  I’ve thought for a long time this was needed in the United States.   Now, it’s being done.  Michael Anthony at Godfactor has organized a National Week of Repentance.  He is asking that we as a nation, come together for one week to repent and fast for the sins of America.

As someone who is imperfect I know that I have contributed to these sins, most especially prior to becoming Christian.  Although all of my sins were forgiven at my baptism, I cannot believe myself so perfect that I have not failed in what I have done or should have done.  There’s no doubt that this has contributed in some way to the current state of our country.  That’s why I have joined with Michael Anthony and others in spending this next week in fasting and prayer for our country. I pray you will join us also.

You can find more information about the National Week of Repentance at Revival Matters.



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