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I’m entering a shaky financial period in my life and I’m feeling pretty insecure.  On the flip side, I know that money really isn’t as secure as we think it is.  It can go away at anytime under the right circumstances.  God is truly our only real security.  If God is taking care of us, then there is nothing that we have to worry about.  I understand this on a peripheral level, but trying to live it is another thing.  But I do want to live it because God is utterly trustworthy and there is really no reason recognizing my dependence on God, (We truly are dependent on God, whether we recognize that fact or not.), should make me feel uncomfortable.  Yet, I am.  So I was talking to God about this; telling Him I really need to be able to count on you and such things as that.  Next thing I know God tells me, “and I count on you.”

Well, I certainly wasn’t expecting that.  The idea that God counts on us was so startling to my Christian worldview that I literally felt the shock reverberations all the way down to my toes.  The very world and, therefore us, would not exist if it wasn’t for God: no food, no shelter, and no life.  Zilcho.  Zero.  Nada.  I mean, we’re so messed up that it takes God’s grace just to be a successful Christian.  And God counts on us?

It would seem so.  God counted on Israel to be a light to the nations.  God counted on John the Baptist to prepare the way for Christ.  Lord Jesus counted on the disciples to do as He said: pray until the Holy Spirit came upon them; baptize in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost; go out and make disciples; do this in remembrance of me; etc.  Most of all He counted on them to be faithful and true.  So it does make sense.

Once I grew accustomed to the idea I found I liked it.  I liked it a lot.  It’s like asking someone to step up to the plate.  It makes a difference when you know someone is counting on you rather than doing it just for yourself or because you’re told it’s a duty/obligation.  So this Thanksgiving when we count our blessings we should take a moment to realize that God counts on us, too.

Here’s hoping everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

May God be able to count on every one of us! God bless!

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