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This Week: 12/12 – 12/18

On the Blog:

Advent Reflections posts have been keeping me so busy I haven’t had time to write anything else.  Although there are a couple of posts that I have in mind to write, I can make no promises.  I’ve discovered that even though an idea I’d like to write about is enough to get started it’s not always enough to get finished.  So no commitments regarding any posts, except Advent reflections.  Even those aren’t a sure thing.

Here are some unscheduled posts from last week, in case you missed them.

Monday 12/5 – Advent Reflection 2016: Second Monday of Advent

The reflection is on Luke 5:17-20 where the faithful friends tear down the roof of the house in order to get their friend to Jesus.

Thursday 12/8 – Second Thursday Advent 2016 Reflection: The Kind Consideration of God

The Annunciation in Luke 1:28-38.  I reflect on why the angel Gabriel informed Mary that her cousin Elizabeth is pregnant.

Friday 12/9 – Second Friday Advent 2016 Reflection: Vindication of Wisdom

In Matthew 11:16-19 Lord Jesus criticizes that generation then remarks that “wisdom is vindicated by her deeds.”  I ask why?

Saturday 12/10 – Second Saturday Advent 2016 Reflection: The Signs of the Times

The reading on Matthew 17:10-13 shows that people in that age couldn’t recognize the time that they were in.  I have to wonder if we will do any better.

Twitter and Facebook: #QuoteoftheDay Posts

Quotes from stories I’ve found around the web, mainly from other Catholic bloggers.  If you don’t follow me on Twitter or Facebook, then consider this a weekly roundup.  Just click on the image below the title to read the full article.


From “Something Worth Waiting For” by Janice Lane Palko, (Click on image below to view article) Image by Frank McKenna @Unsplash

There has been a theme running through my life lately of God turning things back on me.  The post by Janice Palko marks the third time (not the last time, as it happened again the day after reading this post) God does this.  It seems fitting I should include a post that fits so neatly into the theme of my life.



From “With Love From Jacmal, Haiti” by Sister Desire Anne-Marie, (Click on image below to view article)

While reading this I couldn’t help thinking what a beautiful life she is living.



From “A Favorite Advent Tradition: A Christmas Letter to Baby Jesus (Instead of Santa)” by Bobbi, (Click on image below to view article) Image by Noah Hinton @Unsplash

I thought this was a great idea and just wanted to share it with you.



From “What this Sunday’s Gospel Teaches us About Vocations” by Brent, (Click on image below to view article) Image by Madi Robson @Unsplash

This article actually helped me gain some perspective.  I always like articles that leave me saying, ‘hmph’.



From “Love What Matters” by Lindsey Romero, (Click on image below to view article) Image by Benji Aird @Unsplash

This is a great witness of how loving and caring some people can be.



From “The Difference Two Months Can Make: Part 2 The Return” by Mrs. Fitz, (Click on image below to view article) Image by Aditya Romansa @Unsplash

A little glimpse into the the life of a foster-parent.



From “Advice to a New Seminarian” by Fr. Simon, (Click on image below to view article) Image by Josh Applegate @Unsplash

This quote made me cry.



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