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I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and I would like to wish you a Happy New Year!  Here’s to what’s coming down the pike.

Tuesdayish 12/27 or 28 – What Caused the Fall of Man?

The Church’s teaching is that Adam and Eve had sufficient grace, knowledge, and will to overcome the temptation in the Garden of Eden.  In addition, they weren’t subject to some defect that would automatically lead them into sin.  What happened?  That’s what I try to puzzle out in this post.

Friday 12/30 – What Child is This?

As the 30th is the Feast of the Holy Family, I thought it only fitting to include some musings as to what Joseph and Mary might have wondered about what manner of child God had given into their care.

Twitter and Facebook: #QuoteoftheDay Posts

Quotes from stories I’ve found around the web, mainly from other Catholic bloggers.  If you don’t follow me on Twitter or Facebook, then consider this a weekly roundup.  Just click on the image below the title to read the full article.


From “Dedicated to my Daughter Barbara with All My Love (Another Poem by my Mom)” by Kelly Thatcher, (Click on image below to view article) Image by Frank McKenna @Unsplash

If I watched TV I would be a huge fan of the Hallmark channel because of their feel good movies.  What I find even better than that is when those feel good times come from real people.  A lot of love in this story.



From “5 Questions about #5” by Mary, (Click on image below to view article) Image by Toa Heftiba @Unsplash

If you’ve ever wondered why some couples decide to have big families, this post is for you.



From “Being an Introverted Traveler” by Mariella Hunt, (Click on image below to view article) Image by Lukasz Saczek @Unsplash

Another one of those feel good posts.  It’s good to see people blossom.  An added bonus was I finally got to use the image of the woman on the bench by Lukasz Saczek.  I’ve been dying to use it every since I first saw it.



From “I Hated Christmas until one Stranger Changed Everything” by Patricia Moes, (Click on image below to view article) Image by Jeffrey Wegrzyn @Unsplash

Christmas can be a sad time a year for those that have suffered from some traumatic event, like the death of a loved one.  So I know that it is not a happy time for everyone, but I didn’t expect a teenager who hadn’t experienced any trauma to hate it or to hate the gifts that came along with it.  This is what the post is about and how the grace of God changed that.  Thanks be to God!



From “My Birth Story: The Finale” by Laura, (Click on image below to view article) Image by Jordan Bauer @Unsplash

Another real life Hallmark story post. There was some competition among quotes from the post.  I decided to go with the feel-good quote.  The runner-up is “Now where were we…oh, yes: Pushing!”



From “Birthday in the Life” by Jaime, (Click on image below to view article) Image by Alisa Anton @Unsplash

The only thing wrong with this story is she left out the most important part: the name of the musical group that led to the ear plugging.



From “No One Laughed at my Undercover Mass”, (Click on image below to view article) Image by Mike Kenneally @Unsplash

Not having had a lot of health problems, especially ones where recovery takes a lot of time and effort, it’s hard to imagine how much effort it does take for people to accomplish the ordinary.  When you see what it takes for the writer to attend mass, then you’re really thankful no one laughed.


Post photo generously donated by Diego Vicente @Unsplash.


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