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This Week: 1/2 to 1/8

On the Blog:

A few changes in the blog this week.  I’m no longer committing to dates for the blog posts.  I may reinstate that later, but for now; no dates.  I’m adding a Seven Quick Takes {SQT} or {7QT} blog post to my lineup. These will be posted after I have seven quick takes to offer.  I’m betting it will be feast or famine:  I’ll have a few posting a week or I won’t have any.  That will be dependent on what’s going on in my life and the things I read or hear.

Doubt and the Fall of Man, Part II

In this post I’ll be looking at the subtlety of doubt and what a harmful effect it can have on our lives without us even being aware of it.  As I want to take particular care in this post it may or may not be posted this week, but it is coming up.

{7QT} Cats, Coffee, and Crochet

This is my first {7QT} post.  I’m so happy someone invented this type of post as many of my thoughts don’t always justify a post of their own.  This will make life so much easier.  As the title implies it’s about my cat, an update on my issues with making coffee, changes to the blog, and a mishmash of other topics.  I’m loving this.

Twitter and Facebook: #QuoteoftheDay Posts

Quotes from stories I’ve found around the web, mainly from other Catholic bloggers.  If you don’t follow me on Twitter or Facebook, then consider this a weekly roundup.  Just click on the image with the quote to read the full article.

A couple of changes here, also.  As you can see the quote comes first then I give the credit.  I remember going back and forth on which should come first when I was first setting this up.  I don’t know why I went the other way in previous posts.  This way makes much more sense.



From “Hallelujah” by Steve Roney, (Click on image above to view the post) Image by Hannes Wolf @Unsplash

Apparently, some people think that Leonard Cohen’s Christmas song Hallelujah is about sex and bondage.  Steve Roney does a good job of straightening those people out in this post.

Another great quote from the post is “Would he be so popular if everyone understood his religious commitments? Other poets have fallen out of popular favour for as much. The late great TS Eliot, for example; not to mention Nobel Laureate Bob Dylan. It does not do to let them know you’re not on Satan’s side.”



From “A Life Built on Faith: What Happens When our Children Stumble”, (Click on image above to view the post) Image by Stephanie Krist @Unsplash

This is a lovely post about a daughter’s failure, disappointment, and the lessons learned from the experience.



From “How Firm a Foundation” by Chloe, (Click on image above to view the post) Image by Tattyan @Unsplash

Chloe posts how so much in life can be fleeting and change so quickly it boggles the mind.  She advises us that it’s best to have a firm foundation in Christ, so we don’t get knocked off our feet.



From “Run Forrest Run!” By Robert Collins, (Click on image above to view the post) Image by Lucy Heath@Unsplash

Some things are just worth it and so are some people.



From “Before and After” by Abby, (Click on image above to view the post) Image by Jennifer Pallian @Unsplash



From “It’s Called Being a Dad” by Derrick Kunz, (Click on image above to view the post) Image by Caroline Hernandez @Unsplash

People, namely women, really need to hear this today.  The feminist movement has given men such a bad rep.  It’s truly sad.  Unfortunately, for the author, there are men where that reputation is deserved.  But for those where it isn’t kudos to Derrick for sounding off.



From “Waiting on a Voice” by Rebecca, (Click on image above to view the post) Image by Josh Felise @Unsplash

Not only does Rebecca relate a lovely vocation story, she also relates what it’s like not to be singled out.

The use of the background image for the post photo was generously given by Jill Heyer @Unsplash.


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