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I’m adding a new post: the seven quick takes {7QT} or {SQT} as it is more commonly known. I find I have things to say that don’t merit an entire post, so this will solve that problem.  It will also fit right in with my blog as it will include random thoughts about words I’ve read or heard.  If this first {7QT} is anything to go by it will also include snippets about what’s going on in my life and on the blog.


I’m no longer putting out dates for my blog posts on the weekly “Down the Road” post. For the most part, I kept to the dates promised; until recently.  That may be just because of the holidays, but it turns out that the words in my head do not naturally flow from my head to paper.  (This is interesting because many of my thoughts, the ones I wish wouldn’t, seem to pop so easily out of my mouth and right into someone’s ear.)  I originally set up promised dates to encourage myself to keep writing, so I may change my mind, but until then no dates.


I’ve taken up crochet, kinda again. I used to crochet one afghan pattern which I made over and over again.  I always liked the look of afghans, but felt they never qualified as a blanket because they had holes in them.  The one I used to make solved that problem by having you weave yarn through the holes.  This made for a lovely plaid afghan sans holes. This time, I’m looking for shorter projects and I’m pretty impressed with the quality and variety of things you can make beyond the standard clothing attire.  Some people are even crocheting necklaces with wire and beads.   Since my skill is novice level I haven’t gotten that ambitious yet, but I’ve managed two scarves with the yarn I had on hand: one for each of my grandchildren and I have family members already putting in orders.  Add that to things I would like to donate plus my own wants and looks like there are plenty of projects in the works.


This is good because I’m trying to live less worldly and more Christian.  Towards that end I’m trying to conform my life to be more monastic.  I had a good start on detachment from worldly things as I am pretty detached already.  Of course, there are always some things that we are very attached to and I’m no different on that point, so still some work left to be done there.  One of those areas is materialism.  In order to be less materialistic I decided to make my attire as simple as possible, while still being neat and presentable and, I’ll be open; cute.  (I have more than one spiritual area that still needs work.)  To that end I was designing my “habit” for everyday wear when I realized I already had one: jeans and a t-shirt which I do wear everyday for my job.  I was both amazed and a little disappointed.  Amazed because I hadn’t realized that God had already gotten me there and disappointed because my new “habit” was going to be so much cuter than what I was currently wearing. 😉  Another thing I’m trying to detach from is my computer.  I spend way too much time on it.  This one is tougher because I have a serious attachment to computers, but hopefully the crochet will help with that.  I’ll keep you updated.


I have to take my cat to the vet. I adopted this cat about a year ago when one of my neighbors died.  I’ve had cats before and they are pretty low maintenance, but with this cat it seems to be one thing after another.  First, he had an abscess on his neck from fighting with another cat.  Then he started losing weight due to some type of worm.  I dewormed him and put more protein into his diet which put the weight back on him, but he started to lose his hair.  Now the hair on his belly (or lack of) could have been that way when I was able to finally coax him into the house and I just never noticed, but the hotspot wasn’t.  I still hadn’t gotten that completely under control, even though it was improving, and now this new setback: he has sores on his face and neck.  It started with just one, which I thought was a result of a fight.  He’s been fixed, so he doesn’t fight much, but he is an indoor/outdoor cat and the occasional tom does wander into the area occasionally.  I was monitoring the sore for infection when another appeared.  Since he has skin problems anyway I decided to give him an oatmeal bath to soothe his skin.  Once I got him wet I could see sores all over his neck, so off to the vet we go.  Poor thing.  He’s such a good cat, too.


As you all know from a previous post when my drip coffee maker died I ended up having to make coffee in a pan by boiling water and adding coffee grounds. The results were amazing, so I decided to go with a stovetop percolator this time around.  I was very disappointed with the flavor.  It didn’t taste nearly as good as I thought it would.  It does fill the house with a wonderful coffee aroma which is a plus, but I thought the taste would be equivalent and it’s not.  Any baristas out there that care to explain this to me?


I had added a certain person to my prayer list. This is the precious blood of Christ prayer that I use for really big sinners.  For other Christians and my family I use the Rosary to pray for them.  After about a month I couldn’t remember what had prompted me to add her to a prayer list that included such big time sinners.  She’s already a Christian which doesn’t mean I shouldn’t pray for her, but she is probably in less need of prayer than someone that isn’t saved and is promoting all sorts of evil.  Then I was doing my daily Bible reading and it dealt with this person’s weakness and how large a sin she was committing.  Out of my mouth popped: “Wow, Jane sure is in trouble.”  Problem solved.

Until next time, may God watch over you and bless you!


The post image was kindly given for our use by Eric Barbeau @Unsplash.  Another pic I just love and am so glad I finally got to use.


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