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Quick Take: How will the Legalization of Assisted Suicide Affect the Medical Professions Reputation?

I know a couple of people that suffer from depression.  In order to better understand it I read The Catholic Guide to Depression: How the Saints, the Sacraments, and Psychiatry can Help you Break its Grip and Find Happiness Again by Aaron Kheriaty, MD.  After reading this book I was convinced that those who suffer from depression should seek counseling. Many don’t because of the stigma attached to seeking psychiatric help.  I was going to do my best to convince them that they should.  But now that California has passed the assisted suicide law, which includes mental patients and, since, depression is a mental disease, I’m not so sure anymore.  Do I really want to urge them to go to someone who may not want them to get better?  Someone who may encourage them to do the opposite? Even if presented as “an option”?  Those suffering from depression are more than aware of that option and have rejected it in favor of getting better.  So a doctor encouraging/suggesting death is a complete turnaround for the medical profession.

Then I wondered has the medical profession even considered how this is going to affect their reputations?  There is already suspicion among some groups who doubt the safety of immunization shots.  This was at a time when the medical profession was still thought of as healers.  What happens when they are no longer believed to be healers alone, but also assistant killers? How will they be viewed then?

I’ll be adding links to stories as I come across them:

Terminally Ill Mom: Medicare Offered me $1.20 for Assisted Suicide Drugs, Refused me for a Clinical Trial


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