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This Week: 1/9 to 1/15

On the Blog:

I’ve made some more changes to the blog this week.  Instead of a post with 7 quick takes {7QT} I’ve decided to include each quick take as a post of its own.  I figure if I include ‘quick take’ in the title, then people will know it is super short and won’t be surprised.

Doubt and the Fall of Man, Part II

This post is still in the works.  God is helping me out on this one.  No sooner had I begun to write, then I became assailed (literally) by doubts.  Not fun, but, I hope, fruitful.

Jews, Gentiles and Finches

The Bible tells us that God did not abandon the Jewish people and the Church teaches that in the end times the Jewish people will convert to the Church in a huge way.  Have you ever wondered why God chose this way?  A couple of finches I use to own may give the answer.

Twitter and Facebook: #QuoteoftheDay Posts

Quotes from stories I’ve found around the web, mainly from other Catholic bloggers.  If you don’t follow me on Twitter or Facebook, then consider this a weekly roundup.  Just click on the image with the quote to read the full article.



From “When the Spirit Necessarily Includes the Letter”, (Click on image above to view the post) Image by Joao Silas @Unsplash

This is an excerpt of a longer quote posted at Petty Armchair Popery.  I included this quote because 1) it made me laugh and 2) the separation of the spirit from the word is one of pet peeves.



From “A Word for 2017: Try” by Meg, (Click on image above to view the post) Image by Annie Spratt @Unsplash

You can probably guess the post this quote is taken from is about making New Year’s Resolutions and keeping them in perspective.



From “10 Ways You’re Making Your Life Harder Than it Has To Be” by Paul, (Click on image above to view the post) Image by Bench Accounting @Unsplash

Another post that made me laugh.  The entire post is funny and well worth a read.



From “The Lord is truly our source of Refreshment” by Christina Brajkovich, (Click on image above to view the post) Image by Artem Sapegin @Unsplash

This is my romantic side coming out again: it is so nice to hear about a young couple who has Christ as their foundation.  Especially, one just starting off.  I wish them all the best.



From “Adventure . . . And Netflix”, (Click on image above to view the post) Image by Parker Byrd @Unsplash

Another writer who touched on another one of my pet peeves: watching TV.  Unfortunately, for myself I replaced TV with the computer.  Not much of an improvement, in my opinion.  Of course, too much of anything is . . . too much.



From “The Year of Me: 9 Months In” by Catherine Boucher, (Click on image above to view the post) Image by Juan Galafa @Unsplash

I don’t know if this quote does the story justice.  The conversation that takes place between the mother and child is priceless.  I was also impressed with the lesson the mother was trying to teach her daughter. I highly recommend this post.



From “Not Alone”, (Click on image above to view the post) Image by Aditya Romansa @Unsplash

That “truth should stop us in our tracks,” but it doesn’t always.  I know because it wasn’t until this Christmas that I was able to grasp that God had a baby.

The wonderful photo of the bridge for the post photo was generously supplied by Luca Bravo @Unsplash.


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