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Two post for sure this week besides the 9 Days for Life posts. One is a 7 Quick Takes post on a variety of subjects.  Hopefully, it will be out Wednesday.  The other is  a video from Josiah Presley who is an 18 yr. old abortion survivor and is now a defender of the unborn.  It’s a powerful video and I hope everyone watches it.

Twitter and Facebook: #QuoteoftheDay Posts

Since I’m participating in the 9 Days for Life Novena I decided to reflect that in my #QuoteoftheDay weekly roundup by mainly focusing on pro-life news stories.  Don’t mean to be depressing, but these are life and death issues that need to be addressed.  If you don’t follow me on Twitter or Facebook, then consider this a weekly roundup.  Just click on the image with the quote to read the full article.


Quote by Deborah Jackson in “Born at 23 Weeks, Doctors Gave Up on Him and Said He’d Die, Then a Tiny Squeak Saved His Life” By Micaiah Bilger, (Click on image above to view the post) Image by Mikael Kristenson @Unsplash

This is not just a story about a woman whose babies were born prematurely.  What really caught my eye was that since the “courts” have ruled on a certain age for viability the doctors felt they had no legal obligation to try to save this woman’s children when she delivered before that.  This is just one of the unintended consequences of legalized abortion.  One that I had never heard before.



Quote by Archbishop Chaput in “Chaput: To Contribute to American Life, Catholics Must First Step Back from Its Culture” by Maggie Gallagher, (Click on image above to view the post) Image by Aaron Burden @Unsplash

This story isn’t particularly about any prolife issue, but the Archbishop definitely calls out the methods used by the liberals to advance their causes and the affect that has had on many Catholics in this country.   Unfortunately, it is not limited to Catholics, but has also pervaded Protestantism also.



From “Rehab Center Repeatedly Pressures 91-Year-Old who Broke her Wrist to Kill Herself in Assisted Suicide” by Micaiah Bilger, (Click on image above to view the post) Image by David Creixell Mediante @Unsplash

This story highlights how assisted suicide is being pushed on the elderly, disabled, and poor.  If you’re elderly, disabled, and poor, then God help you.  FYI: If you didn’t know before assisted suicide is now legal in California, so this type of treatment is heading your way.



From “Cardinal Nichols in UK Cardinal: There are more Homeless People than you Think” by Catholic News Agency, (Click on image above to view the post) Image by Greta Scholderle Moller @Unsplash

The cardinal points out in this story that there are more homeless than the ones you see living on the streets.



Quote by Josiah Presley in “Josiah Presley in Abortion Survivor Wows Crowd with Speech on Forgiveness, Value of Human Life” by Life Institute, (Click on image above to view the post) Image by Ray Hennessy @Unsplash

This story is about the young man whose videos I’ll be posting later in the week because he so impressed me.  By the grace of God he took knowledge that could have led him to a very dark place, but instead saw all the good that has come of it and the good he could do with it.



Quote by Pope Francis in “Pope Francis to Prisoners: Never Lose Hope in God’s Mercy”, (Click on image above to view the post) Image by Lukas Budimaiery @Unsplash

It’s a horrible thing to leave people without hope, so I’m happy to share this message.  This is one of the many problems I have with liberals: hopelessness pervades every solution they provide.



Quote by Fr. Patton in “Hope Abundant, Even Amid Conflict, Says Leader of Holy Land Franciscans” by Rhina Guidos, (Click on image above to view the post) Image by Simon Matzinger @Unsplash

This is more of an appeal.  Christians in the Middle East are getting hit hard and the Franciscans over there are running out of funds to help and it is important that we help: “For the Christians who remain there, he said, it’s important that other Christians know of their suffering. They feel often abandoned by the other Christians,” he said. “They feel that many Christians are not interested in their suffering or what they are doing to remain Christian there.”

That just broke my heart when I read that.  Unfortunately, it’s too true.  I don’t know what they are doing to remain Christian there.


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