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This Week: 1/30 to 2/5

On the Blog:

I have a couple of posts (actually, more than a couple) in the works.  Whether they make it out this week or not remains to be seen.  I did write something last week, in case you missed them:

{7QT} Books, Bible Study, Goals, and Hats

In this case the title does not say it all.  It’s missing four things.  Here are all seven topics covered.

  1. 2,000 years of writing – translating to 2,000 years of reading I have to catch up on.
  2. What I’m reading – this is in addition to the 2,000 years of reading I am trying to catch up on.
  3. On meeting, or not, goals – my nod to New Years: it’s not a real holiday.
  4. Made me laugh – A Bible study system sales pitch.
  5. 2 Maccabees: also made me laugh – I would not consider the Bible humorous, but there are some passages that just crack me up.
  6. Amazing kids and God’s grace – How incredibly tough little kids with health problems truly are.
  7. Old ladies and hats – my inability to to convince little old ladies to exchange their knit ski hats for something more stylish.

Impressive Pro-Life Videos

This post includes two videos by Josiah Presley.  He’s the young man I was so impressed with in my last This Week’s post.  One is a pro-life video and the other is of a speech he gave in Ireland.

The second video is from LiveAction debunking Planned Parenthood’s CEO Cecile Richards assertion that Planned Parenthood offers prenatal care for expectant mothers.

Twitter and Facebook: #QuoteoftheDay Posts

Back to normal this week with the quotes.  That means the quotes will not solely be focused on pro-life issues.  However, I always wish them to be life affirming.

If you don’t follow me on Twitter or Facebook, then consider this a weekly roundup.  Just click on the image with the quote to read the full article.



From “My Father’s Legacy” by Jen, (Click on image above to view the post) Image by Caleb Jones @Unsplash




From “Dominican Sisters in Iraq ask for Prayers as Liberation of Mosul Presents New Challenges” by Philip Kosloski, (Click on image above to view the post) Image by Greg Ortega @Unsplash

A reminder that not all of those in the Middle East suffering from war are Muslims.




From “My Day Designer: A Closer Look” by Dawn, (Click on image above to view the post) Image by Alisa Anton @Unsplash

As someone who can spend hours in an office supply store, I can totally relate to the author of this story.



From “The Great Temptation of Productivity” by Chris Hazell, (Click on image above to view the post) Image by Raffik Lopes @Unsplash



From “Will the Real Women’s Movement Please Stand Up?” By Lisa, (Click on image above to view the post) Image by Ben White @Unsplash

I thought about this post for days after reading it.  Where are the real women?  I seriously think this is our fight.  May have a post up later about that.



From “Woman Shares Heartbreaking Abortion Regret in Advice Column” by Danny David, (Click on image above to view the post) Image by Xavier Sotomayor @Unsplash

The abortion proponents act like an abortion will end all the problems in a woman’s life.  This story shows that it is just the beginning of her problems.



From “Blessed are the Weirdos!” By Fr. Philip Neri Powell, OP, (Click on image above to view the post) Image by Tony Webster @Unsplash

Made me laugh.  But also provides insight into how counter-cultural Christians are called to be.

The lovely photo for the post was provided by Beata Ratuszniak @Unsplash.




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