Join our Embattled Assyrian Christian Brother and Sisters in Prayer and Fasting

Events in the Old Testament occurred so long ago that we can lose sight of the fact that those places still exist.  Not only do they exist, but these places have had the longest Christian presence.  These are places the actual apostles went to and preached, places such as the Nineveh Plain in Iraq and Damascus in Syria.  They suffered enormously under ISIS and would like us to pray with them.
“The Iraqi Christian Relief Council is petitioning all Christians in the United States to join their Assyrian Christian brothers and sisters around the world in observing the three day Fast of Jonah” from February 6 – 9.
The prayer is “in order to promote solidarity with the persecuted church in the Middle East, beg the Lord for his mercy, and to usher in peace in war torn Iraq and Syria.  Churches and communities across the United States are also invited to host a prayer vigil that will follow on the fourth day, the day of ‘giving thanks’.”
They have a wonderful PDF that explains about the Fast of Jonah and gives the prayers for each of the three days.
I’ll be joining with them in prayer and I hope that you will join us also.

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