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I’ve written in another post about my daily planner.  If you haven’t had a chance to read it it’s basically some blank pieces of paper and post-it® notes.  The great thing about it is its fluidity.  No scratching out and penciling in: everything can be moved around easily because it is all on post-it® notes.  It’s also handy.  Need to remember something? Just jot it down on a post-it® and slap it on a piece of paper in your binder.

This is another use I get out of it.  It’s great for keeping lists organized.  I prefer this method to trying to remember or trying to locate the name of that book I wanted to read somewhere in my journal or a scrap of paper in my purse.  The types of lists vary.  I have one for:

  • Books I want to read: I write down the name of the book and the author on a post-it® and slap it on a page I have dedicated for that.  When it’s time to read a new book I just peruse the post-it®s on that page to see what I’ve meaning to read.
  • Household chores.: I made up a page with nothing but individual post-it®s listing the different chores. When I’m planning my week I just pull the chores off and put them on my daily planning sheets.  When I’m done it goes back on the list.
  • Blog post ideas: Any time I get an idea for a blog post it goes on a sticky and on the page for ideas.

This method works for any type of list that you can think of.  It also works great for projects which are nothing more than a bunch of tasks aimed at one goal.

Project sheets

When I start a new project I get out some blank pieces of paper and some sticky notes.  I start writing down all of the individual tasks on their own sticky and place them on the paper.  Once that’s done I organize them in some logical order.  When I’m ready to do them I pull them from the project sheet and place them on the planner.  When they’re complete I move them from the planner to a page for completed tasks in that project.  I add any notes on another sticky, if needed, and also place that on the completed task page.

Below is an example of project sheets I have for a current endeavor I’m starting.  The pink stickies are headers and the rest are tasks or notes.


This method makes organizing and locating data so much easier for me.  I hope it helps you, too!

God bless!

#Time Management



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