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This Week: 2/27 to 3/5

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I was commenting on a post about spiritual warfare over at God is in your Typewriter.  I was pointing out that as a lawyer (her, not me) battles against religious persecution are being fought out in the courts and that may be one way to serve God and make her mark.  Those aren’t the only judicial battles being waged.  Abortion, euthanasia, and same-sex marriage, to name a few, have all been, or are being, fought out there.  Beyond the courts there are people out fighting against all sorts of evils, whether they be poverty, sickness, slavery, etc.  It seemed to me we were always on the defensive end of these fights by trying to fend off these evils.  It made me wonder where our offensive line is.  I’ll try to answer that question either Tuesday or Thursday in Who’s Offense and Who’s Defense in Spiritual Warfare.

Last week I posted part two in my series on doubt.  In that post I compared and contrasted how two similar events only varying in intensity affected doubts in myself, and, subsequently, doubts about God.  If you’ve already read it then you know in one event God was  asking or telling me to start a magazine.  Well, I’ve decided to do an online journal of the experience.  The first journal entry, So I Guess I’m Starting a Magazine, describing how that came about will be posted on Monday.   As you can probably discern from the title I’m a little bemused by the whole idea.  It seemed like such an odd thing to ask of me.  I’ve dug into it a little bit more and It Turns Out I’m Suited for this Ministry.  That post will be out on Wednesday.   Is God Answering my Prayers? by asking me to do this?  You can find that out on Friday.

You’ll notice the journal posts are written on consecutive days, but the posts are being spread out over a week.  That’s because I know enough of myself now to understand it’s either feast or famine when I’m writing.  Right now it seems to be feast, but in another week, it might be famine.

Twitter and Facebook: #QuoteoftheDay Posts

If you don’t follow me on Facebook or Twitter, then consider this a weekly roundup of stories I’ve found on the web that I thought others might like.



From Mamas + The ProLife Movement by Katie Sciba, (Click on image above to view the post) Image by Joshua Clay @Unsplash

Katie Sciba finds that the best argument for children is being realistic about children and showing that to the world.  Yes, sometimes they do bad things, but they also do a lot of good things and most of wouldn’t have it any other way.



From Handmade Christmas 2016 by Cmerie, (Click on image above to view the post)

I know it’s a little late for Christmas posts.  However, I know little kids love to get mail and I thought this was such a great idea that could be done anytime of the year, so I couldn’t resist passing it on.



From I Received a Lettter from Mother Teresa that Changed my Life by Leticia, (Click on image above to view the post) Image by Clotaire Folefack @Unsplash

A lovely post about Leticia’s time with the Missionaries of Charity in the Bronx.  There were quite a few great quotes, but I liked this one because it captures the innocence and wonder associated with God.



From Beginning the New Year by Allison, (Click on image above to view the post) Image by Nikita Velikanin @Unsplash

A really short, simple post about a families hike in the Alaskan woods.  It’s just nice sometimes to see how different families live out their lives.



Quote from Do What Love Requires, (Click on image above to view the post) Image by Jordan Whitt @Unsplash

It’s an incredibly hard to watch a parent die and God seems to give an incredible amount of grace to get us through those times.  The author writes a testament to her mother’s love and God’s grace.



From Girls . . . Be the Bell by Katy Christy, (Click on image above to view the post) Image @Unsplash

I actually read a couple of Katy’s posts and thought she had a great sense of humor, but she’s also insightful.  This especially comes out in this article where she observes the basic differences between males and females. (Neither one of which she compares to hamsters.  I just thought that line was so funny.)



From Why They Hate Pro-Lifers So by Michael Novak, (Click on image above to view the post) Image by Toa Heftiba @Unsplash

It’s really a sad state of affairs when a mother believes a child threatens her life.  What isn’t in the quote is not that the expectant mother’s life is in danger from a complication in the pregnancy, but simply how it complicates her future plans.  And the feminist movements message that there’s no recovery of those plans when an unplanned pregnancy occurs.  All is lost.  However much I despise this thinking that article should be read by all pro-lifers simply for the insight it provides.

The lovely cover photo was generously provided by Daniel Chen @Unsplash.



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