Jounaling my Ministry Startup

Turns Out I’m Actually Suited for this Ministry


February 22, 2017

Some good news.  I started reading about magazine publishing today and turns out I may be more suited to being an editor than I thought.  Go figure God actually knows what He’s doing.  According to Michael Evan in The Layers of Magazine Editing editors

  • love to read  – check
  • likes switching from one task to another – check
  • believe what they are doing is worthwhile – check
  •  keep others on track – check
  • like listening to people – check
  • detail-oriented –  check
  • grammar – meh

I suppose I can learn grammar or try to get my son to do that part.  He’s a grammar Nazi.

Another point in my favor is I majored in business in college, so I do have some business background.  On the downside that was long time ago and I haven’t used it all that much  Plus I dropped out.  Oh well, I’ll go with my strengths and let someone else cover my weaknesses.  At least I know what some of them are.  That’s always a help.""Also, a little disturbing news.  Michael Evan also had this to say: in the rankings of businesses that have the highest failure rate magazines are second only to restaurants.  That doesn’t sound good.  I wonder what the failure rate for magazines that have God backing them?  I bet that number’s pretty small.  Also, I’ll consider it a success, if I manage to get it off the ground and some issues out the door.

I do want to make enough money to cover the costs, which includes me making it my full-time job, but profit is not the driving motive.  God is.  As a matter of fact, I’m struggling with the idea of charging for a magazine about God.  The struggle stopped when God pointed out that I could give it away.  I wonder what the failure rate for that type of magazine is?  Donations or grants for this route?

I also considered advertising, but I’m not so sure about that either.  I don’t know if I want an advertisement sitting next to an article about God. One possibility is to do something similar to the parish bulletins and have the advertisements at the back.  Sometimes people are in the mood to read and sometimes they are in the mood to shop, so having all the advertisements together in one place might not be a bad idea.  If the advertisements are all religious related it would be a good resource for readers.

But I don’t have to worry about money right now.  I need to focus on learning how to put a magazine together.  Onward.""






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