This Week on the Blog

This Week on the Blog: March 6 – 12

Hello and welcome,

I remember when my son tried to transition from mom feeding him to doing it himself.  Seriously lacking hand-to-mouth coordination made it a real struggle.  I saw that struggle in both the intensity of his focus and how his arm shook as he tried to direct the spoon to his mouth.  He knew what he wanted to do, but hadn’t mastered the skills yet to manage it.  That’s about how I feel right about now at the start of this new life ministry as I try to apply what I’m learning about magazines to this blog. That’s the topic for This Week: change and transition.

What that means to you is that you’ll be seeing some changes taking place.  I don’t know the final form yet, what I do or don’t like, and what does or doesn’t work; so expect a constant flux for awhile.  Being the observant people that you are, you’ve already noticed

  • the graphic for the This Week post is in a new format.  That’s my attempt at a magazine cover.
  • the graphic title “Down the Road”  is now “The Journey Continues.”  I’ve discovered starting a ministry is an incredible spiritual journey.  I think the change in title retains the original meaning of what’s coming up while adding the spirituality aspect.
  • the format for this post has changed.  This is my blog version of a magazines’ Letter to the Editor.
  • the quotes are missing.  Now that I’m looking forward I’ve no patience for what I was doing prior.  Before, there was no cohesion between my posts coming out that week and the quote articles.  I want to change that, so I plan on bringing them back, but how I’ll accomplish it I’m not quite sure.

What I won’t be doing is going back and making all of these changes to the previous posts.  Instead, I’ll leave them to be a sort of graphical journal that tracks them over time.

Speaking of tracking changes over time, quite a bit happened over the period the journal entries cover.  In Why a Magazine? I’m still a little bewildered on God’s choice of ministry for me.  In my mind this is a huge change from anything I’ve done in the past and, in that journal entry, I’m still trying to come to grips with it.  God was gracious and provided me with some answers later in the week and I’ve also included those.

Regardless of my bewilderment; from a technical, worldly point of view I went Jumping in with Both Feet and ended up over my head.  God pulled me out, set me back on my feet, and put me on the right path.  Turns out I was looking at it all wrong.  Even though the magazine is going to be about God, I was approaching it from a worldly perspective and trying to figure out how to fit God into it.  God now has me looking at it from the opposite direction: viewing it from a spiritual perspective and applying it to the world.

This was a true turning point for me.  I not only discovered the guts of the magazine, but I discover God is answering more of my prayers.  It’s also marks the point when I transition from the worldly to the spiritual.  From this point out you’ll see the journal entries taking a more spiritual turn. This is all terribly exciting, but also terribly new.  Like many of things God is doing it takes me a while to get caught up.

The previous revelation, plus a few more, leads me to explore Should we be Living Inspired Lives?  In that journal entry I explain those extra revelations and how I struggle to wrap my mind around it all.

Finally, what I’m calling the feature article: Defending the Indefensible.  (It’s not really what I would consider a feature article.  I’m just calling it that to differentiate it from the journal entries.)  It’s meant to be part two of Who’s Offense and Who’s Defense in Spiritual Warfare?  In that post, my viewpoint changed from one of Christians playing defense to them playing offense.  While I was writing it the idea occurred to me that the devil was really defending an indefensible position.   Why?  Seems incredibly dumb for a being everyone claims is so smart.  I try to answer that question in that article.  (FYI: it’s not written yet, so it may end up not being about that at all.)

I hope you all have a blessed week and I look forward to seeing you around the blog!


Editor-in-training 🙂

P.S.  This is turning out to be one of the best experiences of my entire life.  If God is calling you to a ministry and you’ve been hesitant, my advice to you is go for it.  Don’t sell your house or anything, but seriously sit down with God and start planning it out.  And journal it!  That has been such a blessing.  I’m so thankful God inspired me to it.


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