Jounaling my Ministry Startup

Why a Magazine?


February 24, 2017

Decided to YouTube how to start a magazine.  I found some interesting interviews along with a new podcast: Foundr.  As I was listening to Michael Stelzner, founder of Social Media Examiner, in the podcast explain how his company spent approx. $1,000 per article for his website (no print media that I’m aware) I began to wonder why a magazine?  I already have a blog.  Why wouldn’t God just tell me to revamp it?  Or even start another one?  What’s so special about a magazine?  With the scant knowledge I have of magazines at this point the only thing I can come up with right now is the reading experience.  Sitting down with a magazine is, as one of the people in a video remarked, an experience.  I have to agree with the speaker.  There is something very pleasant about sitting down with a magazine.

That brings its own problems.  With my lack of funding I planned to go digital only.  After taking a look at magazines via the Texture app I have to say the two experiences are not the same at all.  Sitting down with a print version is 100 times better than sitting down with my laptop.  Of course, it didn’t help that I was looking at in Windows 8, whose apps have almost no menus.  I could only zoom in once, so anything in small print was completely lost.  There was one magazine whose font was so thin I couldn’t even read it after zooming in.  It was a good experience in learning what doesn’t work digitally, but horrible as a reading experience.  But, I’ll leave worries about digital formatting for another day.  Right now, I need to figure out why a magazine?""[I’ve made some discoveries since I first journaled about the question of why a magazine.  Instead of leaving the question open until it was time to post this journal entry.  I’ve decided it would be better to put it here.]

February 27, 2017

I discovered two possible reasons, in the last couple of days, on why God may have chosen a magazine.  One is my writing style.  I noticed when I write blog posts I’m entirely focused on getting one or two points out, so I try not get to give long explanations about other aspects of the subject because I think it will detract from the main points of the current post.  What I do instead is write another post explaining that issue.  They both tie in together, but they are not always read together because the blog is so linear, as far as time release goes.  So a person could read the one without being aware of the other.  Kinda like jumping into the middle of a conversation.  Where in a magazine all aspects will be set down in one space.  Although, not everyone reads every article in a magazine, at least they would know that they belong together.  Less worry about reading out of context or confusion as to what comes before.

I do tend to lay out what’s coming and how it all ties together in the This Week post each Sunday, but not very many people read that.  Kinda proves my point.

I think the other reason is the two-page layout.  In a magazine there is nice large spread where you can introduce images, info graphics, call-outs, etc.  All of which lend toward a better understanding of the article and provides a better reader experience.  It seems to be more immersive.  At this point, I can’t think of a way readers would be able to get that same experience on their mobile phones.""March 11, 2017

In the March 6th Johnette Benkovich Women of Grace podcast featuring Sue Ellen Browder author of Subverted: How I Helped the Sexual Revolution Hijack the Women’s Movement Browder says a very interesting thing regarding magazines: it’s how the world sells their vision to the public.  When I heard that it occurred to me that God might want this magazine to offer a greater vision of the world.  Wouldn’t that be wonderful?



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