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Should we be Living Inspired and Infused Lives?

February 27, 2017

I don’t have the words for what Saturday was. 

Right before waking up Saturday morning  I had a dream that there was this monster kinda hovering out there on the periphery.  Shook that off. Coffee made. Sat down to read the newest blog posts from those I follow.  I was reading Melissa Pressers most recent post at God is in Your Typewriter and she’s talking about spiritual monsters.  Kinda freaky coincidental, but kept reading.  Her monster was that she was afraid, stemming from her abusive childhood, she had nothing to offer God.  And I got a flash of the Blessed Virgin Mary giving the baby Lord Jesus a bath, feeding Him, going about her daily duties which were so centered around Christ.  To put it another way her whole person revolved around Christ even when that meant she was simply cooking dinner.  This is the first glimpse I received of what it truly meant to live as a Christian.

Then it came to me that as a lawyer and a Christian Melissa was entirely suited to tackle some of those religious persecution cases that are being, and I’m sure will be, fought out in the courts.  Melissa could be God’s defender.  Even though I’ve never seen the woman I got a flash of a woman standing in court.  The flash was of her whole person.  Lawyering is what she does for a living, but it is very much a part of who she is, and when she takes who she is and merges that with her Christian self does that make for an inspired life? 

Later after I had my sit-down with God and I was laying out in my journal what type of magazine I would truly love to put together I got another flash.  This time it was me in an office overseeing a layout of this God-centered magazine.  An inspired life?

What got me thinking about all of this is another conversation Melissa and I had about feeling benched by God.  On top of that I’ve been feeling pretty uninspired for the last year or so.  Every since the above happened the thought kept popping in my head, “I wonder if she’s still feeling uninspired.” I no longer do, but I don’t know if I feel inspired yet, either.  This is all coming so fast I’m still processing it all.  What I do have is a glimmer of what God has planned for us.

Is it supposed to feel like a dream when you start living your dream?

I can’t stop thinking about God breathing life into Adam and Lord Jesus breathing into St. Peter.  Inspiration is to breathe in.  Is that one of the reasons God became man?  To show us what an infused life looks like.  That merging of God’s breath with our person? our humanness?  The two somehow becoming one? The incarnation of the Word?In one of the YouTube interviews I watched a man said that everyone should start a magazine because it’s a once in a lifetime experience.  He wasn’t just whistling Dixie.  So far it’s been an amazing experience.  


3 thoughts on “Should we be Living Inspired and Infused Lives?

  1. Still thinking about all of this… the magazine made me think of my latest post and the woman who inspired it, actually the MAGAZINE article that she wrote that inspired it. I even included the Creation of Adam by Michelangelo. So many good questions. Yes I can see the “breath,” the infusion of the Holy Spirit, the merging. How this all shakes out I just don’t know… Keep writing

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    1. Thank you, Melissa! I’m not quite sure how to live it either, but from what God is showing me it will be better than anything we could possible imagine.

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