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Coming Up This Week: March 13 – 20


Hello and Welcome,

Last week was a turning point in this magazine ministry: it moved from an earthly one to a spiritual one.  This week God has been giving me glimpses of the type of life He has always envisioned for us.  At the same time, He’s given me some insight into the vision the world has for us. I reflect on the two competing visions in Inspiring versus Aspiring.  It was a real eye opener for me as I hope it will be for you, also.

Thinking a thing and doing a thing are vastly different, especially when it involves Reconciling the Godly and the Practical.  Once again, God to the rescue; through a scripture reading for that day.  Now that God helped me overcome my difficulties I decided to dive into some of those practicalities.  Since, so many people get intimidated–like myself when I went jumping in with both feet–and because I do want to journal this entire experience I decided to record the thoughts and decisions behind what I’m doing.  Not that I’m making such great decisions, but it will serve to

  • show others that you can get started even when you’re not entirely sure of what you’re doing;
  • be a resource of sites or information that others may find useful;
  • show others the difficulties I’m encountering; in hopes to encourage them when things don’t go as planned;
  • show others that their initial decisions don’t have to be chiseled in stone, but are constantly changing: in the beginning everything is in a state of flux and it’s okay;
  • record this incredible journey; and
  • record (for myself) why I made the decisions I did and, hopefully, learn what worked and what didn’t.

I don’t know if it was me taking that initial step and God was warning me what to expect, if it was the first day of Lent, or both; but writing Who’s Offense and Who’s Defense in Spiritual Warfare? was incredibly enlightening.  It also freaked me out; so much so I ended up asking myself What has God Gotten me Into?  Turns out it was all to the good and I highly recommend this post for anyone starting a new ministry.

And lastly, the feature story: What Christ Won for Himself at Golgotha: Who’s Offense and Who’s Defense in Spiritual Warfare? part 3.  When I first wrote part one I never expected this to become a little series.  Now that it has I’m incredibly jazzed about all three(?).  Part one really changed my thinking on which side we’re playing in spiritual warfare. It was writing this I learned through the suffering servant Christ was actually leading the offensive on Golgotha.  Part two firmed up my understanding of why God had to become man and the exact nature of the temptation Christ had to undergo and why.  In part three–What Christ won for Himself at Golgotha–I hope, God willing, to list everything Christ achieved through His great victory.

And once again, the feature post is not yet written.  Since I want to make it as inclusive as God will allow; I’m willing to look inept and postpone it for a week, if that’s what it takes.  I apologize, but if it is all I think it’s going to be, it will be well worth the wait.

God bless! and here’s hoping everyone has a great week!

Rebecca, Editor-in-training 🙂




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