Jounaling my Ministry Startup

Coming This Week: March 20 – 26


Hello and welcome to this week on the blog,

It’s going to start in the same place it began last week: envisioning our lives.  What I’ve discovered with everything God is showing me is I’ve Always Lacked Vision.  Where I had none, the world supplied one.  Like it has others, this led to being what the world wanted me to be and neither what God nor myself wanted. He has a different vision for our lives.  Problem was I didn’t become a Christian until my 40’s.  What then?  I reflect on a possible solution to that problem, plus God’s vision as the way on Tuesday.

Attaining that vision is a different problem.  Having taken the first steps in faith away from Egypt and into the desert I’m trying play offense by reflecting on what’s needed for a successful journey.  Even there, my mind seems to be leaping forward to where I think God wants to lead us: the Promised Land.  Although my current understanding is limited I can’t help but marvel at it. Is this What the Promised Land Looks Like?  Look for that on Wednesday.

Thursday’s post is about forms.  Answers to prayers do not always come in the form we expect.  It can be so different from our expectations that we may not recognize our prayers are even being answered.  Once we do recognize that fact when a new facet of it is expressed you find yourself going back and asking did I pray for that.  This is what I see happening to the Blessed Virgin Mary and leads me to ask What was in the Blessed Virgin Mary’s Heart of Hearts? which led to her prayers being answered with the Christ child.

That’s pretty much it for the Ministry journal entry posts.  However, God has let me know that part one of  What Christ Won for Himself at Golgotha while very illuminating in one respect, wasn’t very enlightening in what it all means.  I’ve been  reflecting on it and I’ll put those thoughts in Friday’s post given the very original title of Reflections on What Christ Won for Himself at Golgotha.

I pray everyone has a blessed week.  Remember, if you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to ask/post them.  If you don’t want them to show up in the comments section, then send me an email via the contact page.

God bless!

Rebecca, Editor-in-training


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