Jounaling my Ministry Startup

Layouts and Typeface and Colors . . . Oh, My!

March 27, 2017

Spent most of last week trying to figure out how to go about designing a magazine.  Watched hours of YouTube videos on graphic design theory.  Went on Pinterest to look at images of different magazine layouts.  Discovered that all magazine layouts look ugly on Pinterest.  Spent some time in the store checking our different magazines, and, I’m happy to say, they look much better close up.  Not all of them though.  Can’t quite figure out what I don’t like about them. 

Decided I needed to choose some fonts, so spent all of Saturday making sample cards of most of the different fonts on my computer.  Found about five that I really liked, but soon discovered they don’t work so well together.  Luckily, I had made up those sample cards, and that’ll  make it easy to go back through them to find something that does work together.

What color scheme to use?  There’s a great website called Design Seeds that is nothing but color schemes.  Unfortunately, have no idea how to use a color scheme.  How much variety should be used?  Does it change with every issue? At this point, I’m considering asking people for advice and God says no.  It needs to be me.  That made it a little easier.  Now I can go by just what I like, while bearing in mind what I’ve learned and will learn.  These are very talented people and they are doing things for a reason.  It would be stupid to throw all of that out the window.  It does let me make it my own, though, rather than trying to adhere to some other persons design.  And that is what I would have done, if God hadn’t stepped in.  What Design Seeds did teach me is I can get color schemes from pictures I like.  Found some of my favorite pics on Unsplash and will use those for inspiration.  Apparently, I like dark rich colors, but I also like clean, simple images.  That’s what I’ve decided to go with.

Did start working on the cover design.  God helped me with that one. Gave me an idea to start with.  Up to that point was hitting a blank wall. Very happy with the way the title looks.  I’m hoping it’s not second grade level: something that I’ll look at in a couple of years and ask myself what was I thinking.

The really hard question is how often should the magazine come out?  Finally made that decision.  It’ll be a quarterly magazine to start.  That should give me enough time between editions to do all that needs done as it is really a one woman show at this point.  I do miss writing on the blog, though.

To top everything off the cat has decided to take over my desk chair.  If I leave it for two minutes he’s in it and asleep.  When I pick him up to move him I get this pitiful little mew.  After a week of this, I finally let him win and started working on the laptop in another room.  At that point, he decided he no longer needed to sleep in my desk chair.  Stupid cat.


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