Jounaling my Ministry Startup

Kicking my Game up a Notch

April 25, 2017

Study, study, study.  That’s how my time is being spent these evenings.  I am thankful that there are materials to study because it has been fruitful. Thank God for the courses available on Coursera and EdX, plus the information available on YouTube.  It’s all beginning to sink in.  Mainly they’ve been about graphic design.  There’s nothing on magazine publishing, so I had to research those areas a little more.  Found the colleges for magazine publishing that are considered to have the best programs and looked through their course catalogs for that major, found those courses and made up a list of the textbooks/readings they use from the course syllabuses.   Once I finish the online courses I can start digging into those books/readings.

At some point in this process, it hit me that a magazine is not a blog and I’m going to have kick up my game a notch.  This is especially true when it comes to research and writing.  Right now, writing of God is inspired, but will that be enough for a magazine?  Or will I have to go through the laborious process of citing every Biblical passage involved and providing explanations for how those passages apply?  That will definitely change the style of story and writing.  Have to figure out how to handle that.  What I don’t want it to become is some dry research article.  Magazine stories may allow more emotion than those or newspaper stories.  God sure knows what He’s doing.  He knows me down to my toes.  I have no desire to write boring research papers.

On the upside, I have come up with the different departments for the magazine.  Then it came down to what type of stories fall under those categories . . . and the real kicker: how and where will I find them?  The book on being a magazine editor has addressed this issue to some extent, but I still have to do it, so I need to search out sources for those.  In addition, I need to learn how to do interviews.  I have so much to learn.

All this learning has left me with little time for writing.  I don’t think that’s good, so I’ve decided to put more focus on that and scale back that learning a little.  To that end I want to push out two blog posts per week.  This will also allow me to play with a new writing style that will bring the story and references together (once I learn how to do that) in something entertaining and informative.  I pray.


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