Jounaling my Ministry Startup

Yay! I Have a Mission Statement for the Magazine!

May 7, 2017

Well, today was a good day.  After, not being able to quite figure out the types of stories that would be included in each department I took some advice from the books I’ve been reading and decided I needed a mission statement.  The idea behind the mission statement is that it will keep you focused on what you originally set out to do.  It’s especially helpful in evaluating whether a course of action is really in line with your goals.  If it’s not, then toss it.  In my case, it will help me determine what type of articles to include in the magazine.

It took awhile to figure out because according to “The Layers of Magazine Editing” by Michael Robert Evans it can arise in two ways.  The first way is by focusing on your audience and what type of material they want.  The second way is to use your inspiration for starting the magazine.  The first wasn’t helping at all, so went the inspiration route and came up with to bring all people closer to God. 

I have to admit it seems a little grandiose in it’s goal, and I don’t believe I will accomplish that mission. However, that was what was in my heart, so I went with it.  While I’ll try to bring out the best magazine I’m capable of so as to achieve that mission, I’m really relying  on God to determine it’s affect on the world. 

Besides being grandiose, from what I’ve read about mission statements, that’s a pretty broad statement and should probably be tightened up a bit.  Much easier to stay on track, if  it’s more narrowly defined.  When a statement is too broad, you can take on too wide a variety of projects or articles, in my case.  This leads to inconsistency between issues which can cause you to lose subscribers because readers have certain expectations that you need to meet each issue. However, as a starting point it helped a lot, so I’ll stick with it until I can nail it down a little better.




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