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Today was a Day for Lessons or . . . I’ve Been Schooled

May 8, 2017

As the magazine is a one woman show at the moment I’m trying to learn every facet of magazine publishing.  What one soon finds out is putting theory into practice isn’t that simple. This has been especially true for me in the area of design where I’ve been trying to test out what I’ve been learning.  It has not been going well, especially, in the area of color.  Honestly, my 8 yr. old granddaughter could do a better job of putting colors together.  Thankfully, I came across a video on how to make up and use a color scheme by Niki Hart at  It was incredibly helpful and I can’t thank her enough.

If that had been my only problem, then I would have called it a day.  What I’m finding out is one problem solved actually opens up the door to other issues.  Having finally, gotten the mission statement in order actually helped me to focus on the types of articles that would be included in each issue.  Yay!  However, it also led to including articles that would kind of be pointing out faults that we, as Christians, might want to overcome, so that we can grow closer to God.  The problem: whose going to read an article that points out their faults?  I was puzzling over this when I sat down to peruse some blogs I follow and here comes Brother Isaac over at Along the Way with a post doing just that.  Since it happened to be one of my faults it really hit home.   But you know what?  It wasn’t offensive at all.  I was actually grateful because Brother Isaac did it in such a way that led to my correction without being offended.  Lesson learned: if handled correctly articles like that will be of use to people.  Also, another problem popping up isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  Just as there are more problems, there are also more solutions.  Take heart!

The last lesson was the hardest. Probably, because it caught me off guard.  It started out innocently enough with a comment I put on another bloggers post regarding Rod Dreher’s book “The Benedict Option.”  I felt that the blogger had completely mischaracterized Dreher intent and pointed it out with a direct quote from the book contradicting what the blogger claimed.  The blogger didn’t agree with me, which was fine, but it was the way  he did it that was the problem.  He just ignored anything I had to say instead of rebutting my statement or stating reasons why he didn’t agree.  In that instant, the blogger lost all legitimacy in my eyes.  He was no longer someone I was interested in hearing what he had to say.  (For the record, the blogger did supply a rebuttal recently.)

If it was just that, then it wouldn’t have been a lesson.  The two subjects I spend the most time discussing online are God and politics.  The way the internet is so full of hate today you can’t do that, if you aren’t a little thick-skinned.  You just learn to ignore some people and keep on moving forward.  This is how I would have normally handled the blogger’s reply, so no lesson there.

Nor was it the fact that I felt the person was wrong in their views.  All of us are wrong at some time or another.  I read blogs whose opinions I don’t wholeheartedly agree with all of the time.  I still enjoy them and I still learn from them, so no lesson there, either.  It was how hard it hit me that left me feeling I had been schooled.  The realization that such a small thing could have such a dramatic effect on how I viewed someone felt like it was being impaled into my brain.

Was this a continuation of the previous lesson learned?  Brother Isaac shows me what to do and the other blogger what not to do?  Two sides of the same coin?  Or was it now that God has put this magazine in my sights, I’m paying more attention to issues that may come into play later and that’s driving these lessons home?  I’m not really sure, but I am thankful that I’m learning them now from someone else, rather than later, from my own mistakes.

Here’s hoping everyone has a great day!




2 thoughts on “Today was a Day for Lessons or . . . I’ve Been Schooled

  1. Oh, welcome to the club, sister…. The blog world is a cruel place sometimes- I’ve been lucky and have only been slammed once at my own place; but at other places they will rip you to shreds as soon as look at what you are really saying. 🙂

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