Jounaling my Ministry Startup

Long Time, No Write

July 1, 2017

It’s been so long since I’ve posted anything about the magazine.  There’s a reason . . . well, a couple of them, actually.  First, I discovered I had truly overestimated my knowledge of grammar.  I knew I didn’t remember much, but I knew even less than I thought I did.  So I’ve undertaken the task of learning more about the subject.  Unfortunately, it’s  so very boring and really not worth writing about.  That is, unless you’re teaching it or complaining about it, then it might be worth a line or two. 

One of my co-workers suffering a stroke is the second reason.  Fortunately, he came through much better than we expected–thanks be to God–, but he’s still down for the count.  I’m trying to take up the slack to the extent that I’m able, but that means I’m pretty beat by the end of the day.  This leaves me with very little inclination to try to overcome my lack of motivation towards learning grammar.  To make matters worse, each time I do start a lesson the first line of the song “Conjunction Junction,” from the old School House Rock episode, pops into my head  and refuses to leave.  As a result, I end up rocking out to “Conjunction Junction, what’s your function?” instead of studying.  It really is a snappy little tune. I’ve posted it below in case you missed it:

Maybe, I should just watch old School House Rock videos to pick up my grammar skills.  That could be a valid option at this point.  It just might give me the needed push to get me going.  Worst case scenario would be learning a line from a different song that could endlessly repeat in my brain.  At least, then it would add a little variety.


I haven’t been completely useless, though.  Trying to get into an editorial mindset I’ve been playing around with how to present graphics on the blog and in social media that look more magaziny.  Since that takes so long in Photoshop, I’m picking up some graphite and colored pencils tomorrow for the sketching class I’ll soon be starting.  This should not only help me sketch layouts, but also help me articulate what I do or don’t like about a photo/drawing/layout.  Also, towards articulation purposes, I’ve been studying up on reading and writing. People are going to need feedback that’ll provide them with clear direction.  “Meh” is not going to do it.

The plan from there is to find blogs in a variety of styles.  From these, I’ll pull articles which I’ll use to practice my burgeoning skills.  The article will be edited and my comments added as to what’s working for me and what needs improvement.  Then I’ll rewrite it to make the actual corrections and see how it worked out.  Using the blogs color scheme and style I’ll then try to sketch out a magazine layout for it.  This’ll induce me to work with different color schemes and typefaces and, once again, critique it.

That’s pretty much what I’ve been doing or not doing, depending on how you look at it.  Design and, now, grammar are the two things I know the least about, so those have been my focus.  Unfortunately, it does not make for interesting blog posts.  I did make the exception this time just to keep you updated, but if I’m not writing it’s because “Conjunction Junction, what’s your function?” is doing an endless loop through my brain.

God bless you!


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