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Why won’t I Write?

I used to love to write posts for my blog.  Now I don’t.  It’s like my writing desire just got up and left one day.  No good-byes, no note, no nothing.  Just poof.  It’s gone.

So nothing’s getting written.  Not even a blog post.  I’ve stopped writing for some reason and I don’t know why.  I think part of it is I’ve gotten greedy with articles having to do with God.  Instead of writing them for the blog I save them for the magazine.  That should still leave me with things to write about because the blog was meant for commentary on things I’ve heard or read.  It turns out I’ve overestimated the variety of my interests. Seems most everything I read or listen to pertains to God and since those ideas are being saved for possible use in the magazine, I guess, I have nothing left to say.

There is one thing I still do and that’s write in my personal journal.  Even though, it’s not all that personal.  It’s usually my thoughts on a biblical passage, but not much about my life.  There are times, like this entry, where I’ll try to work through a problem, but there aren’t many of those.  They’re mostly about God.  I’m starting to see a theme:  I only seem to write when it involves God.  Am I really that focused on God?   I wouldn’t have thought so.  It seems to me I don’t spend enough time on God.  Hhmmm.

I see something else: I don’t spend much time writing about myself.  This could explain why I’m not posting any journal ministry entries either.  That’s sad because I not only wanted to keep them to look back on, but so others could learn from what I’ve experienced.

There’s also the fact that most of what I’m doing is magazine specific and I don’t want the journal entries to be about magazines.  I want them to be about the experience of stepping out in faith into the unknown.  That’s not going to happen, unless I start writing about myself a little bit more.  [action item]

Another thing which keeps me from writing is the rewriting, second guessing myself, and deciding where and whether to publish it.  After reviewing and revising a post a couple of times I’m pretty sick of it.  Or I get half finished and start to wonder if it’s even worth the time and trouble.   I received the solution to these problems during prayer.  It was go ahead and write the article then determine what should be done with it: blog post, magazine, or trash can.

As if I didn’t have enough problems there’s the lack of time and energy.  When I started this ministry I was in an optimal position as far as time and energy was concerned, but that’s all changed.  Now, I have less of both.  It got crazy around here.  [I didn’t think it was possible, but it got even crazier around here since I began writing this.] More and more is getting dumped on me.  It’s getting very hard to keep up with, much less work on anything personal.

One way to do that is only commit to blog posts for the Journal Ministry entries.  If I choose to write other posts, then all well and good.  If not, then all well and good.  Also, they are going to be true journal entries.  Up until now the writing style has been too influenced by trying to attract readers with the suggestions on what to do or how to do it. I don’t know if I’ve read too many blogs, but I’m sick of these types of posts.  Do this and you’re life will be great.  Do that and it will be improved.  Solve this with that and that with this.  Blech!  It’s not that I don’t appreciate people trying to help others.  It’s the tone I don’t like: sales pitchy.  I’m going to write my experiences and that’s it. If a reader receives help from them, then I’m glad I could be of service.  If they decide they would do it a different way, then that’s great, too.  They’ve now discovered what not to do: that’s 1 down and 10,000 ways left to discover.

May God watch over you and keep you!

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

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