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Nothing Exciting: Editing and Writing

Editing hasn’t been going so well.  What I’m supposed to be doing is reading the article, then writing down needed improvements on a sheet of paper.  These would then need to be communicated to the writer, so he/she can do a rewrite.  Since I’m randomly pulling articles off the internet there is no communication with a writer.  I’m just making notes or doing it myself.  It simply isn’t working.  Plan B is to start researching (which I need to do anyway) and writing articles.  I’ll let them sit for a week or so,  re-read them, make notes, let them sit for another week, then go back and make changes based on those notes.  Hopefully, it will sharpen both my communication and editing skills.  It’s not optimal, but it’s the best it’s going to get for a while.

The writing will be good because it will give me a chance to work on my research skills.  The question of the moment is do I write for the blog or start writing magazine articles for the blog?  I’m leaning towards the latter because 1) I’m getting impatient and 2) I keep hearing stories who other endeavors started out that way.  But I kind of have my heart set on a magazine. Also, I’m afraid if I start out by writing magazine articles for the blog, then I won’t have any experience putting a magazine together.  I’ll end up having to work on both at the same time.  The plan as it stands now is to put an issue together, launch it without any advertisement, and then see if I can get the next issue out on time.  It’ll be harder if I’m trying to do two things at once.   I’ll have to think about that one.

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