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Time Flies

July 8, 2019

I knew it had been a long time since I had posted anything, but I hadn’t realized it’s been this long. My last post was four five months ago. I figured it had been a month at most. I don’t know where the time went or what I was doing. There has been research for an article, but four months of research? That doesn’t sound right. If I ever do get the magazine up and running, at this rate, it looks like it will need to be published once-a-year. Perhaps, even every other year. I do know one person that publishes her magazine only when she enough money to print it. I suppose I might follow her lead. Instead of weekly, quarterly, or yearly it could be whenever. How would it be advertised? Subscribe and get your first issue whenever it’s ready.

Some people have the talent to figure out what they’re doing wrong and correct it. This is how they improve. I don’t think I have that skill. Then there are those people who accomplish so much in a short amount of time it’s mind boggling. My dad was like that. I’d go visit him and he’d tell me he needed to get a new fence up. Next day, or so it seemed, the fence would be up. In that I am not my father’s daughter. But I’m sure I have something that’ll get me moving. Just don’t know what it is. Need to figure it out, so I can tap into it. The sooner the better.

I am at my wit’s end when it comes to writing. I’ve keep losing control of the flow. It use to naturally move from one point to the next. Now, it starts taking off in a direction different from where I want it to go. To overcome this, I tried a rough outline to see where each approach would lead. This way if it started veering off course, I could scratch it and try a different starting point. It worked for the first few couple of paragraphs, then I came to a dead end. It also bothers me to do it this way as it feels more like construction, then writing. Like I’m trying to make it say what I want rather than simply expressing what I have to say. It could be I’m just used to splatting out what I think in a blog post without worrying about quality, and not about giving it form.

Now, that I think about it, I vaguely recall one of the books I read on editing, said you needed to verify the article is about what the author states it is going to be about. If memory serves, he said many articles weren’t.

It could also be the nice flow I have going on in my head is just imagined. When I try to capture it on paper, the flaws start to show where my ideas have problems.

I also need to work on a better note-taking system. I really like Adobe Acrobat’s new comment section. It runs parallel with the text making it much easier to scan your comments to find a specific section. The Kindle app has it, too. It simplifies finding a section you’re going to reference. Unfortunately, it’s digital. I’ve not had much luck with digital lately. First, my hard drive died. Then, as I was writing the article, I went back to an online book I was using for reference and the online library had pulled it. Everything gone. Seriously? So, I’m doing it the old-fashioned way and using index cards or typing up all my notes and printing them out.

I wish I had something encouraging to say. I will say the research end of it went well. I can be dogged when it comes to hunting something down.

Here’s praying your ministry goes much better than mine.

God bless!

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