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Commonplace Books

I just discovered what I had been calling my Bible Journal is more aptly named a Commonplace Book. Commonplace books are blank books people have been using , since the Middle Ages, to store information on one or more subjects. Hence, the derivation of the name as all entries have something in common. The information was gathered from many different sources and recorded in the book. It may have been a drawing, pressed plants, a tidbit from a conversation, or a copied entry from something they had read. The recorder may have also included their thoughts on a piece of information noted in the book.

What fascinates me is how very, well, common they were. I guess anyone who could read and write carried one around with them which enabled them to capture the information on the spot. In Early America, a tradesman was not only required to teach his/her apprentice trade craft, but also reading and writing. So many Americans knew how to read and write, therefore, many Americans were running around with these books. Making them a good source of information for subjects being discussed and written about in a certain time period.

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