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#EyesOnElSalvador Campaign Lying about Abortion Laws

“American pro-abortion supporters, Western embassies and international human-rights bodies have taken part in the war against El Salvador’s full ban on elective abortion by supporting a fraudulent campaign that promotes impunity for infanticide in that country.” Read the full story here.

In a nutshell, El Salvador jails those women who murder their children after delivering a living child in a natural birth or in a failed attempt to self-abort. The bloodthirsty pro-abortion supporters are, as usual, portraying these women as victims. Just as they lied in the Roe v. Wade case when they said Norma Nelson McCorvey (Jane Roe) had been a victim of rape. The true victims are the babies who were “were beaten, stabbed, strangled, and drowned in toilets and septic tanks” by their own mothers.

Another misrepresentation is of El Salvadorian law which the pro-aborts say does not include an exclusion when the mother’s life is in danger. Human Life International says differently. It’s not a difficult decision on who to believe. The choice is those who lie so they can profit off of the deaths of innocent babies or those who spend their lives trying to save them.