What is GodfestGodfest is the working title of a magazine that I someday hope to publish.  Godfest is an answer to a number of my most heartfelt desires that God has chosen to satisfy at this time:

  • a desire to live a more integrated life with God
  • a desire to learn and hear about the wonderful works of God
  • a desire to spend my days writing about those works
  • a desire for people to return to God
  • a desire to sculpt
  • a desire to craft mosaics
  • a desire to inspire others start their own ministry

God is answering these prayers and more in the form of a magazine. A magazine where every word, sentence, paragraph, article, and image; will, (once I master the skills), be carefully sculpted and placed together and result in a breathtaking mosaic image of our great God.

So Godfest is a vision.  A vision given to me by God and one I hope, with God’s grace and blessing, to one day bring to fruition.

Godfest is a marriage of my heart and God’s.  A labor of love.

Godfest is a dream in the making.

If you would like to contribute to the magazine you can do so through PayPal.  The email address is rhahn959 at gmail dot com (typed out to hide from bots).  Unfortunately, any donations will not qualify as a charitable donation.  I still need to apply for that.  Thank you for your consideration!