Q. Would the United Front tactics mean that Communism would seek to enter Catholic organizations in order to secure “predominant influence”?

A. Yes. ‘It would exert a powerful influence on the ranks of the Catholics, anarchists and unorganized workers, even on those who had temporarily become the victims of Fascist [anti-Communist] demagogy.‘ (G. Dimitrov, The Working Class vs. Fascism, p. 32. Italics in original; brackets mine.) ~ Fulton Sheen

The Tactics of Communism by Rt. Rev. Msgr. Fulton Sheen, ~1945, p. 17

Fulton Sheen on Infiltration

[Lenin] advanced philosophy in so far as he had advanced political doctrine and practice. The realisation [sic] of an apparatus of hegemony, in so far as it creates a new ideological soil and determines a reform of consciousness and of the methods of knowledge, is a fact of knowledge, a philosophical fact.

In Crocean language: when we succeed in introducing a new morality in conformity with a new conception of the world, we end up by introducing that conception of the world too, so that an entire reform of philosophy is brought about (QC, 1249-50; PN, 365-66). ~Antonio Gramsci

Antonio Gramsci by James Joll , 1977, p. 128

Gramsci crediting Lenin for Cultural Marxism