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Under Construction

Hello and welcome, I have been writing so much these last few weeks there's been very little time to focus on the magazine.  Something needs to change and it's going to be my focus.  The new focus will be on the magazine and the blog will be secondary.  There will still be journal entries and… Continue reading Under Construction

Jounaling my Ministry Startup

Getting Started in Your New Ministry

July 18, 2017 First an update on why nothing has been posted on the blog.  Frankly, after going through the arduous (at this stage it is truly arduous) task of editing and rewriting a post I'm tired of looking at it.  Having lost its luster in my own eyes it's hardly something I want to… Continue reading Getting Started in Your New Ministry

Totally Off Topic

Theology and Revolution – An Open Book: July 2017

A new month and new books to read.  That's the great thing about books: one never seems to run out of them, especially with the advent of the ebook.  Now we not only have a choice of new books to read, but old books that were no longer in print or were hard to find… Continue reading Theology and Revolution – An Open Book: July 2017

Christian Life

Lopsided Relationships

The best analogy of God and man’s (excepting the saints) relationship that I’ve ever heard. She totally nailed it!

Reflections on My Catholic Journey

Tower of Pisa for blog

There’s an old saying that you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you get your Prince Charming.

That was certainly the case for me. One young man, with whom I had a summer romance, had to have everything his way. And I mean everything. A sandwich, for example, had to be made to his exact specifications: “First the mayonnaise, then the lettuce, then the meat, then the tomato, in that order only.” If the sandwich had all the same ingredients but the mayonnaise was next to the tomato, he absolutely refused to eat it.

This attitude of his drastically affected our relationship. Any behavior of mine that wasn’t completely up to his standards was cause for criticism. For example, he told me how rude I was for phoning him while he was watching television—as if I could have known what he was doing while I was dialing…

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